Our Mission: To reduce the emotional, physical, and financial costs of disability through the integration of traditional and alternative care approaches.

An Integrated Rehabilitation Network of Health Professionals Specializing in Long-Term and Chronic Pain

Free Yourself From Pain! IT Works Can Help You Recover

The IT Works integrated therapy plan is a three-pronged multi-disciplinarily approach encompassing physical therapy, medical massage therapy, and acupuncture.  Physical therapy includes aerobic conditioning, muscular endurance training, strength/power and core stabilization. Manual therapy includes joint and soft tissue mobilizations, and myofascial therapy. The medical massage performed by licensed therapists at IT Works Inc., includes deep tissue massage, trigger point ischemic compression, and out therapists can break down scar tissue. Acupuncture helps support the physical and medical massage therapists, and we find it to be particularly effective for pain management. Within the multi-disciplinary program we include patient education on an on-going basis, as well as HEP (home exercise plan) at termination of the program. We address fear-avoidance behavior and proper body mechanics.

Our integrated therapy teams have an individualized, coordinated, team-based approach to determine the causes of pain and physical restrictions and apply the best methods to decrease pain and improve physical restrictions.

Our team of medical and rehabilitation professionals includes: 

·          Physical Therapists

·          Medical Massage Therapists

·          Acupuncturists

·          Medical and Osteopathic Physicians

·          Oriental Medical Specialists

About Us

What do we do? Who do we help? How do we do it?

The majority of our clients are being seen to eliminate the painful after effects of a serious injury. Most have been through extended periods of traditional physical therapy and are still in pain. Our approach to these patients is to use acupuncture to relieve the pain, with massage therapy to reduce swelling and remove restrictions. When the pain and restrictions are reduced or eliminated, physical therapy is used to strengthen the injured areas of the body.

Some of our patients only need one type of therapy and see us only for either acupuncture, massage therapy or physical therapy.

Others need assistance in nutritional information, oriental medical approaches or referral to Medical and Osteopathic Doctors.

Our patients and clients include:

· Victims of auto or worker related injuries that are limiting their ability to regain their activities of daily living and working.

· Repetitive Stress Injury sufferers. Our integrated program for Carpal Tunnel and Thoracic Outlet Syndromes has been used with 100% success in a university laboratory setting. A major insurance company, in a continuing multi-year pilot program, has seen over 65% of people referred into the program returning to unrestricted work within 5 to 8 weeks of introduction into our program.

· Stress related headaches. Stress locks muscles and causes headaches, stiff necks and sore shoulders and upper back. Massage and acupuncture relieves stress, unlocks muscles and fascial restriction and restores a feeling of well being, often in less than an hour.

· Closed head injuries. Our massage therapy has proven effective with reducing anxiety and stress levels, increasing mobility and balance and in many cases, allowing the reduction in the need for pain medication.

· Pre & Post surgical rehabilitation. Lack of activity in muscle groups following injury usually results in pain, reduced movement and the weakened support and coordination of the muscle groups. The traditional approach to rehabilitation of muscle is movement and strengthening. The pain of rehab is well known to those who have gone through it. Our coordinated approach is to use acupuncture to relieve pain and restore the body’s energy paths. This is followed by massage therapy to release knots and restriction in the fascia and muscles. Then assisted exercises and restoration of maximum strength and flexibility can be achieved quickly and with minimal pain endurance.