Important Information on Potential Changes to Michigan's No-Fault Insurance!

At IT Works we treat an extensive amount of patients that have been involved in an automotive accidents. The Michigan Senate and House are currently trying to race through a bill that would increase the profits of insurance companies at the expense of injured auto drivers and passengers, and the the medical professionslas who help them recover from their injuries. The bill provides no meaningful savings to auto insurance subscribers and gives much more ability to the insurance adjusters and their attorneys to restricts, delay or deny medically mecessary care and payment. Essentially the bill would give the power to decide medical care for you and/or your loved ones to the auto insurance company after an accident, not your physician or treatment specialist. Does this make any sense to you? Because it certainly doesn't make any sense to us! Your treatment should be decided upon by you and your doctors, not someone from the insurance agency.
For more information regarding the potential changes to Michigan's no-fault auto insurance law, or SB 248 and SB 249 as they are called, please read these articles below. We ask you to please contact you local state representatives ands congressmen and tell them to immediately object this stealth attack on Michigan's no-fault auto insurance law. It is a clear attempt at a power and profit grab. Please let your voice be heard in any way possible!
Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press, "Michigan's no-fault insurance bill a shamegul grab"
Chad Halcom, Crain's Detroit, "No-fault bill: $1B from health care?"