Chronic Pain Solutions

Pain Management and Chronic Pain Solutions

The IT Works integrated therapy plan is a three-pronged multi-disciplinarily approach encompassing physical therapy, medical massage therapy, and acupuncture.  Physical therapy includes aerobic conditioning, muscular endurance training, strength/power and core stabilization. Manual therapy includes joint and soft tissue mobilizations, and myofascial therapy. The medical massage performed by licensed therapists, and includes deep tissue massage, trigger point ischemic compression, and out therapists can break down scar tissue. Acupuncture helps support the physical and medical massage therapists, and we find it to be particularly effective for pain management. Within the multi-disciplinary program we include patient education on an on-going basis, as well as HEP (home exercise plan) at termination of the program. We address fear-avoidance behavior and proper body mechanics.

Getting the Help You Need

The rationale behind our approach: We use this triad approach because these 3 disciplines address complimentary but inter-dependent issues. Before coming to IT Works, most of our patients have had a verifiable injury, followed by longstanding pain complaints of pain (generally defined as chronic pain), multiple and varied interventions, minimal to no symptom relief, and as a result, a decay in overall quality of life. Many were medication dependent and depressed.

Chronic Pain Solutions

When the effects of an injury linger beyond three months, a spiral of interconnected conditions may begin to emerge:

· Pain prevents activity

· Pain medications control pain but subdues motivation

· Rehabilitation and exercise become more avoidable

· Muscle tone begins to deteriorate

· Movement become more difficult

· Activity levels decline and functional abilities recede

· Medication levels increase or become a semi-permanent coping mechanism

· The joy of living and accomplishment diminishes

In recognition of our mission “To reduce the physical, emotional and financial cost of disability through the integration of traditional and complementary care approaches”, IT Works has developed a systematic approach to accelerate the injured parties progress along a path to recovery of function, activity and hope.

After an extensive evaluation by physicians, therapists and acupuncturists, a plan with goals are established to:

· Reduce pain levels

· Reduce muscular restrictions

· Increase physical abilities

· Reduce pain medication needs

· Increase potential for increased productivity and/or return to work.

Although each patient’s recovery plan is individual, all are set up on an eight-week treatment plan with specific, measurable goals to be reached. Generally, an appropriate combination of specialists will follow a protocol to accomplish the following:

· Physician evaluation to confirm the injury and diagnosis

· Acupuncture to reduce pain.

· Clinically based Massage/Manual Therapy to reduce or eliminate soft tissue restrictions caused by scarring, fascia restriction or inactivity.

· Physical Therapy to increase strength and flexibility.


This plan has been beneficial to patients with limitations caused by:

· Chronic cervical strains and sprains

· Chronic lumbar strains and sprains

· Pain due to soft tissue trauma

· Failed back syndrome

· Headaches

· Traumatic Brain Injury

· Spinal cord injuries

· Successful surgeries that leave the patient with elevated or problematic pain levels.

· RSD - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy