The Founders

Jim and Margaret Kammerer
Margaret and Jim Kammerer

The story of IT Works is a love story. It starts with a mother who teaches and provides massage therapy services to clients in their homes. When her adult daughter, Margaret, moves back from Chicago, her mother convinces her to become a certified massage therapist, so that they could work together.

Margaret, with her sales experience, began to expand the business to hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and the Townsend. This was followed by contracts with major talent and booking agencies for all entertainment coming to Detroit, including the B-52’s, Motley Crue, and Bob Hope - to mention a few. Soon, Margaret and her mother were training therapists to work on dancers, such as the New York Ballet, basketball players, such as Clyde Dexter and the Portland Trail Blazers, and other celebrities as they came to town for their appearances.

Their success in helping performers led to the idea of combining massage therapy with traditional rehabilitation to help people return to their jobs after injury. If they could keep professional athletes in play, they could certainly help someone in a manufacturing job, or with any other soft tissue injury, to recover faster. While talking to researchers at the University of Michigan, a department head at the hospital related that he had over 25% of his staff on restricted duty and three scheduled for wrist surgery due to the repetitive motion requirements of their work. An on site massage therapy program was started and within three months the surgeries were cancelled, and within a year no one on duty was restricted. Over the following ten years the program continued and a minimum of new repetitive injuries occurred.

Using these amazing results, Margaret began to call on major employers and was referred to their insurance carriers or administrators. When she was referred to Jim Kammerer, an insurance executive, she was surprised to see him walking with the use of a cane. He had shattered a femur a year before in a fall from a roof. Margaret put her therapists to work on Jim, and after two sessions the cane was given away and he agreed to help position the company to do work for insurance companies.

After six months Jim positioned IT Works for a pilot with a major workers compensation company, and he took early retirement from insurance administration to devote full time to integrating traditional and alternative therapies. During the following year, mutual respect and admiration for each other turned to love and Jim & Margaret were married on 4-1-00.

Working together, IT Works has expanded to 3 clinics in the metro Detroit area. IT Works has also had an article published about its success in the beginning of 2014. Our team and the work we are doing is recognized by most major auto and worker compensation insurance companies.