Medical Massage

We are NOT Spa Massage!!

(We can refer you to a spa)


IT Works offers medical massage therapy as a component to our integrated therapy approach. Our therapists have extensive training to target specific tissue restrictions that are potentially causing pan and creating challenges. All of our manual therapists are trained at an accredited school, and they are all licensed by the State of Michigan. They have continued their training with external specialists in areas such as cranial sacral, the John Barnes techniques, and the Anatomy Trains by Thomas Meyers (myofacial), as well as different energy therapies. They also continue their education with an internal IT Works physical therapist and manual therapy specialist. Our manual therapists work diligently with the physical therapist to provide you with the much-needed relief you desire and deserve. What better way to release built-up scar tissue and nerves that have been entrapped by muscles then with a muscle specialist?



What makes our massage therapists different is that all are:

- All are state licensed

- They are trained and do medical massage and specialize in Manual Therapy

o   Myofascial release therapy

o   Trigger point therapy

o   Scar tissue release techniques

o   Release nerves entrapped by muscles

o   Edema and lymphatic mobilization

95% of our massage/manual therapy patients will be referred to us from their physicians and case manager, and arrive with prescriptions for specific treatments.

Whether you’re suffering from a specific medical condition or nursing and injury, you will benefit from the medical massage therapy service we offer. At IT Works, our goal is to help get you on the road to physical, mental and emotional healing.