Physical Therapy

Do you have painful limited motion, decreased strength, or difficultly doing normal activities? Physical therapy addresses the root causes of muscle, joint, and nerve problems. IT Works physical therapy helps you regain your ability to do tasks such as reaching, bending, twisting, walking and other everyday activities.

Physical therapy is the medical science of restoring motion and increasing function. Our Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified and use an integrated approach to successfully reach this goal. If you have difficulty moving areas of your body and have pain in doing so, then physical therapy should be the first choice of treatment.

What makes our physical therapists different?

Our Physical Therapists are the leaders of our rehabilitation team. They understand the value of an integrated therapy approach, and they know how to utilize their specialized training in conjunction with our massage therapists and acupuncturist. When a patient arrives for therapy, our physical therapists are able to truly asses the patient's needs and can then create a specific treatment plan to strengthen and increase their function and relieve their pain.

First and foremost, our physical therapy team actually puts their hands on you! At IT Works we provide actual hands-on therapy and you stop being just another name and number in a healthcare facility. Our patients know that we go the extra mile for them - and we have the documented positive outcomes to prove it! But most of all, we take the pain and torture out of physical therapy so you can get back to being yourself.

IT Works works with your physicians to provide you with a complete and customized treatment plan.