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Not only is IT Works committed to making our patients better through hands-on care, we are also committed to conduction and developing a statistical research base and publishing the findings in medical journals. In order to make this information and findings more accessible to the community, we will also be posting them here on this website. The aim of our research is to provide patients, doctors, insurance companies, case workers, etc. with a greater understanding of what we do here at IT Works, and how our integrated triad approach (physical therapy, manual massage therapy, acupuncture) proves more beneficial in the long run than more traditional rehabilitation approaches. Below you will find articles written and produced by IT Works staff, as well as articles about IT Works itself. We will be posting them as they become available to us.
The Resturn of Investment of an Integrated Rehabilitation Program on a Chronic Disability Population Using Case Reserves as a Primary Outcome Measure by Tiziano A. Marovino DPT, MPH, DAAPM; Donald Bearden DO; Li Hsieh, PhD.; Jason Liao, PhD., MS